Enjoy a weed-free lawn with ONE application.

    • Stops crabgrass before it starts.
    • Kills dandelions and 250 weeds* down to the root.
    • Feeds the lawn for up to eight weeks.

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    Preen One Lawncare

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    For a
    better-looking lawn.

    Blocks Crabgrass,

    Kills Dandelions and 250 weeds.* 

    ONE easy step = three essential lawn treatments.

    Preen One lawncare does it all with ONE application. First, it targets crabgrass seeds, stopping crabgrass from growing. Second, it kills dandelions and 250* of the toughest weeds, right down to the root. Third, its slow-release nitrogen formulation feeds the lawn for up to eight weeks. Three essential treatments for a beautiful lawn in ONE application. 

    See why Preen One Lawncare makes it easy to have a great lawn. 

    Our customers say it best.


    “I applied this two months ago and my lawn has never looked better. The grass is thick and healthy, and I haven’t seen a single weed.”


    “This is the second year I have used Preen lawn products on my yard and the results are amazing. Compared to our neighbors (who use expensive lawn services), our lawn is fuller and greener.” 


    “I love that our lawn is free of dandelions and the neighbors’ yards are full of them. This is simple to use and the results are fantastic.”

    This year, spend more time enjoying your lawn and less time working on it.

    Preen One is not your typical weed and feed. That’s because typical weed and feeds don’t prevent crabgrass—you have to buy and apply another product. Preen One is different. Because it combines proven crabgrass prevention with aggressive weed control and slow release feeding—all in ONE application. The result? A beautiful, weed-free lawn. 

    Preen One Lawncare is different.

    Preen One is different. So is the time of application. Here’s why: In addition to preventing crabgrass, Preen One provides post-emergent crabgrass control to effectively kill crabgrass up to four weeks after weed seedlings emerge from the soil. Apply Preen One in the early spring after the second or third mowing for maximum effectiveness and you’ll have a great start to a weed-free lawn.

    When to apply? 

    You’ll KNOW when you MOW!

    • St. Augustinegrass
    • Dichondra
    • Carpetgrass
    • Colonial Bentgrass
    • Turfgrass where desirable clovers are present


    • Kentucky Bluegrass
    • Perennial Ryegrass
    • Fine Fescues
    • Tall Fescue

    For use on these established grass types:

    • Bahiagrass
    • Bermudagrass
    • Buffalograss
    • Zoysiagrass

    Serious lawn injury will result

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